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Congratulations to the Winners of Optimalprint's Wedding Competition!

Wedding Contest Dates: April 28th, 2009 - August 25th, 2009

Thank you to everyone who participated in the dream wedding invitation contest! We received so many creative scenarios which made the decision a tough one!

Congratulations to:

Diane. H. Grand prize winner of £500!

Grand prize winner Myself and my two best friends would get ready, enjoying being pampered by beauticians, hair stylists and sipping glasses of chilled White Zinfandel. A white Jaguar E-type would take me to the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster (Google it - it's beautiful).

The sun would be shining, pleasantly bright and warm. I'd manage to get out of the car elegantly (without looking like a daddy-long-legs trying to get through a window) and glide through the imposing pillared portals, stopping to pose for a photo or three.

The awaiting crowd of friends and relatives would catch their breath as I entered because I look so gorgeous, wearing a long ivory Jenny Packham dress (classic, flowing and elegant) with ivory satin opera-length gloves, carrying a sheaf of white arum lilies.

My groom would look round at me and smile, and by the way he'd look remarkably like George Clooney. A simple but moving ceremony would follow, the sweet voice of Enya would fill the room, and we'd be pronounced man and wife.

After more photos in the beautiful landscaped park looking like the happiest couple on the planet, we'd stroll across to the marquee where a sumptuous buffet awaited, everyone would have a wonderful time chatting and drinking champagne.

I'd reflect on what a perfect day it had been, and with a honeymoon in the Maldives with my gorgeous hunky husband to look forward to, it couldn't get much better than that! From: Diane Clooney (sorry, still dreaming)

Alanna .W. winner of the iPOD Touch!

Second prize winner My dream Wedding would take place in the winter, I think this is because I am a winter baby and when I first met my boyfriend we spent one long glorious week in Canada hugging, kissing and snuggling up just to keep warm. Now a year on from that memory I envision a blanket of crisp pure white snow beautifully settled underneath our feet, I could picture a scatter of deep coloured red roses in between a cluster of wonderful white ones.

The ceremony would take place outside under a four pillar wedding arch entwined with Christmas lights just as its getting dark a twilight mood would be the perfect setting to go with the candle lit wine glasses, my dress would be a full white flowing gown, my hair would be softly curled with a gem encrusted tiara and then I could think of nothing better other than kissing my beautiful gorgeous wonderful man, then those tiny crystals of ice gently fluttering down from the heavens above settling on my dark hair creating a perfect contrast and making it just truly perfect.

Finally the reception would have 'Groovy kind of love' playing out by Phil Collins and dry ice floating magically out onto the dance floor as I fall into my new husbands arms making this night truly wonderful.

Jessica .S. winner of the Optimalprint T-shirt!

Third prize winner I have chosen the exotic palm trees design because my dream wedding takes place somewhere warm, gorgeous, lovely and far away from the mundanities of life in northern England. We'll be barefoot in the sand with only very close family and friends who'll all be very happy (and a little tipsy on the complimentary cocktails they'll have been drinking).

I'd also like to think I'll have chosen a man with a great taste in suits, so that when we look back on the wedding photographs, our grandchildren won't spit their juice out laughing. There'll be a 4 tier cake with tiny figurines of Iron Man and Pepper Potts, a classic romance, relaxing on the top and everyone will get a huge slice. There will almost certainly be a food fight towards the end because 4 tiers is far too much cake for close family and friends, but if it isn't I'll be proud of them all the same because anyone who can eat that much cake is a friend for life.

Perhaps, with it being a dream wedding, it wouldn't be too outlandish for me and my new husband to leave the wedding party on the backs of dolphins, swimming through an ocean of champagne. Or is that too much?

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