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Christening Thank You Cards
Christening Thank You Cards

Say thank you in a beautiful way with a unique design

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Christening Invitations
Christening Invitations

Select a magical invitation for the Christening of your child.

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Christening Thank You Cards

Express your gratitude to friends and family who graced the occasion of your baby's baptism with their benign presence. Send them our customisable christening thank you cards, which come in a variety of styles and patterns. Personalise them with a heartfelt message and cute baby images. We ship all over the UK, so send these within a few days.

Christening Invitations

Christening Thank You Cards

A christening is an early yet monumental moment in a child's life. It deserves to be recognized with the utmost thoughtfulness and attention. If you're looking for the perfect way to thank your friends and family members who came to celebrate, consider sending out custom christening thank you cards!Read on for some helpful tips about designing and printing these special keepsakes.

What Is a Christening?

A christening is a religious ceremony practised in Christian, Catholic and Anglican churches. It symbolizes a newborn child's initiation into faith, usually by sprinkling water on the head or immersing it altogether. This common rite of passage includes the official naming of the baby and typically occurs within a few months after birth.

What are the Christening Thank You Cards For?

A christening card is any type of card or printed message given to family and friends for a child's christening. They can serve a functional purpose, such as informing guests about the details of the event, serve as mementoes, or can even be incorporated into the ceremony itself. This section will explore common christening card types and their unique roles.

Christening Invitations

Before anyone can attend a baby's christening, they must know where and when it is. Christening invitations tell recipients just that. Like other kinds of invites, these mailers include key information like ceremony time, date, location, special considerations, and RSVP details. While some parents choose generic text-only christening invitations, many opt for designs that feature a special photo of their baby or family.

Event Itineraries

Itineraries serve a similar purpose to invitations but provide a more complex look at the day's activities. While not as common for christenings, they are worthwhile if the ceremony will be accompanied by additional events or gatherings, such as a luncheon or dinner afterwards. These cards can include a timeline of events, the names and contact information for presenters, and other essential details.

Christening Thank You Cards

After the big day has come to an end, it's polite to thank loved ones for attending the ceremony with a christening thank you card. Christening thank you cards can be simple or complex – depending on personal preference and budget. They may feature a photo of the baby or include a personalized message of appreciation from the parents. In either case, sending a christening thank you card is a small gesture that can go a long way in expressing gratitude.

What to Include In Your Christening Thank You Cards

Let's talk more about thank you cards- out of all the types commonly involved in christenings, they are one of the most important. How could you not thank people for attending? When done well, christening thank you cards are also great keepsakes that both parents and attendees can hold on to. This section will explore the key components of any good christening thank you card.


Salutations are pretty straightforward; start by addressing the intended recipient of the christening thank you card. This can be their name or a generic option like “dear family and friends.”

Message of Appreciation

The main purpose of the christening thank you card is to express gratitude for all the love, support, and attendance at your baby's special day. Be sure to use specific language and genuine words.

A Special Memory

This part is entirely up to parents. Adding a special memory or moment from the christening can be a very meaningful way of conveying how much it meant to you that everyone was able to be there. It also immortalizes the moment so that it can be looked back on in years to come.

Closing Comments

End on a positive note with some closing remarks that reiterate your appreciation for their time and presence at the celebration. Something like “We are so thankful for all of your love and support” is a great way to end any christening thank you card message.


The signature should include both parents' names or the mother's if that is more appropriate. You can even include the child's name and age at the bottom of the thank you cards.


Here is a written-out example of what the above elements look like when put together in thank you cards:

Dear [Name],

Thank you so much for attending our baby's christening. It was a truly special day that we will treasure forever. We are overwhelmed by the love and support of our family and friends at this important milestone in [Child's Name]’s life.

We will always remember the funny stories and the special moments shared at the event. While there were too many fantastic memories to count, we are grateful that everyone was able to be there. It also immortalizes the moment so that it can be looked back on in years to come.

We are so thankful for all of your love and support

With lots of appreciation,

[Name and Name] (Parents)

How to Make Your Thank You Christening Cards the Best They Can Be

So, you have followed the above steps in crafting the content that will accompany your baby's christening thank you cards. But that alone does not guarantee they will be perfect – turning good thank you cards into spectacular thank you cards requires a few extra considerations:

Personalize the Christening Thank You Cards

While it may feel more convenient to swing by the store and buy a bunch of christening thank you card packs, that does not do an occasion as momentous as a christening justice. Instead, a personalized thank you card is the way to go – it shows your guests that you put in extra effort and appreciation for their attendance.

Get Creative with Your Christening Thank You Cards

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your christening thank you cards! Think about adding a photo of the baby on it or getting creative with the wording. You can also add other elements like sparkles and glitter to make them stand out even more. Just ensure that these embellishments don’t make the cards too bulky – guests won't want to carry them home if they take up too much space!

Invest In Quality Printing for Your Christening Thank You Cards

When it comes to quality, don’t skimp on your cards. Invest in good printing so the colours are vibrant, and the materials are thick enough to not bend or tear easily. This will also ensure your christening thank you cards don’t fade over time, so you can keep them as a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Handwrite Your Christening Thank You Cards

Finally, no matter how beautifully designed or professionally printed your christening thank you cards are, nothing beats a handwritten message. That personal touch makes the thank you cards all the more unique and shows that you put in extra effort to make it truly extraordinary!

Ready to make the best christening thank you cards ever? OptimalPrint is ready to help. Our simple and easy-to-use design tool lets you customize your cards to perfection, with plenty of stylish templates to choose from. Plus, our premium printing ensures every card will be vivid and beautiful! Get started with your christening thank you cards today.


1. Can I Request a Custom Design for My Baptism or Christening Card?

We offer a range of Christening thank-you cards that can be easily customised with your baby's photos. If you would like to keep the message plain and simple, we offer some options without photos, too. All cards are available in matte, silk, and glossy card stock, so rest assured the card you choose will exude elegance no matter the design.

2. How Can I Check My Baptism or Christening Card's final design?

To check how a design will look, you may check the preview tool. Once you place the design on the card, it will give you an idea about how it will look in print. If it all looks good, proceed with placing your order.

3. How Do I Make Sure My Design Will Fit on the Final Product?

When using a photo christening thank-you card, look at the size and format options. Is the photo you're using large in size? Place it on the card using the design editor and see if it fits well. In case it does not, choose a different size or format. As we offer our cards in A6, A5, square and panoramic sizes, we are sure you will not face such issues.

4. Can I Order Envelopes With My Personalised Christening Invitations?

Yes, of course! Our customers prefer ordering our greeting cards with envelopes to complete the presentation in a visually appealing way. You can browse our collection of standard and premium envelopes, select the one that complements your card the most, and add it to your cart at checkout. Our envelopes can be availed at great prices. Please note that you will be charged for envelopes, as they are not included by default in your order.

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