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Party prints at low cost printed with a personal theme

Print material for Birthdays, Kids' Parties, Parties , Menus, Placement Cards& Thank You Cards. Optimalprint's print supplies will kick-off the party or celebration, but watch out... the quality of our products will raise the guests expectations :) This is FREE

Online print supplies for all parties

Online print supplies for all parties - Cheap & Easy!

You're the Boss - Select a favourite design & picture

Planning a party should be fun, not stressful. At Optimalprint you customize and order everything within printing. We supply you with ideas on designs and party themes, but it's your event, you're the boss! Our ambition is to make the creation of print material fun and a natural part of the planning. Some additional happiness and top quality printed cards, that's Optimalprint contribution. Additional happiness should arise when you look at the price tag! 100% satisfaction guarantee with an ambition to provide the lowest price in the market, how does that sound as a start? Don't just tell them...impress them.

The most important tip for a party is actually not the prints (even if we of course wish it was...), it's splurge on quality ingredients and plenty of side dishes to give your guests some options. We shall not claim any expertise when it comes to planning on the party day, but one thing is sure, a party never requires a good reason.. a bad reason is enough :) Take this as an example - cocktail parties are decidedly grown-up events, just the word "cocktail" suggests that it's going to be a boring adult-only evening. Actually, a cocktail party does not even have to include cocktails! Your bar could be nothing more than wine and sparkling water and of course very few guests will turn down a fun drink. By the way, assorted cheeses and olives are crowd-pleasing snacks before the meal, and you can't go wrong with chocolate and fruit for dessert. Got inspired?