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19 June, 202312 min read
What to Write In a Christmas Card?
Picking out a Christmas card is hard enough. Choosing what to write in it? That is another challenge entirely. But it is also worth taking on; while greeting card companies may take the liberty of printing prewritten messages, they are extremely generic and can be meaningless. Writing something personal, especially when it comes to the holidays, conveys a heartfelt message of appreciation and love that no pre-selected phrase can ever match.

14 June, 20239 min read
Your own modern Gallery Wall – make your home an art exhibition
The Louvre. Van Gogh Museum. Musée D'Orsay. The Museum of Modern Art. Your living room? It can also stand in this list of world-renowned galleries - all you need is the right design idea and a little creativity. This article will explore the various ways to design wall art galleries throughout a home and the special touches that can take your own gallery wall to the next level.

06 July, 20236 min read
Christmas Present Ideas
While Christmas is not all about presents, they are one reason to look forward to it. Who does not love receiving - or better yet, giving - a great gift? As a time of togetherness and joy, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show those closest to you how much you appreciate them. And there are plenty of ways to do so. This article will explore Christmas present ideas for all kinds of people - from tech lovers and fashionistas to homebodies and sentimental saps. You will surely have found the perfect gift for your loved one by the end.

19 June, 20237 min read
Easy Tips on How to Hang a Canvas
Have you ever wanted to hang a canvas print on your wall but did not know where or how to begin? Do not worry; we have all been there. Hanging a canvas can be daunting, but it is worth it because when you do it right, you can create a gorgeous focal point in any room of your house. Whether you want to hang canvas art that is a large statement piece or something small and sophisticated, this guide will teach you how to do it!

19 June, 20238 min read
Baby Thank You Card Wording – Ideas for every gift & situation
Parenthood is a blessing in life that brings immense joy and love to a person's life. It provides not only fulfillment but also a unique opportunity to watch a new life grow, learn, and thrive in this world. As you embark on this incredible journey called parenthood, it is important to remember the people who showed love and support along the way. That's where Baby Thank you cards come in, as the perfect way to express your gratitude. If you are not sure what to write in the cards, don't worry! Our Baby Thank You Card wording ideas have got you covered!