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Watercolour Wedding Invitations
Square (14.1 x 14.1 cm) - Flat (no inside)
Turn off foil to select rounded corners.
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Note: Glossy paper can't be selected for cards with rounded corners.

Reviews (4)

Good quality invitations. I used the personalised sample wedding invitation service. It’s great to see a sample before committing to such a large purchase. Excellent service.

I only ordered samples of my designs, I was expecting 1 of each but received 10 of each, which was very generous and ideal for people in the process to scribble changes they were keen to make. Standard paper is very good quality. The design process is easy, although the tool is very basic and makes it difficult to be 100% sure spacing is and alignment are even. The alignment tools available is quite limiting. You mainly have to trust your own visual and spacing appreciation skills instead of a properly developed measurement tool with % . Finally, it would be handy to be able to see both right and left side of a folded invites’ interior side by side (Instead of one after another) to reduce the guess work and errors in alignment and spacing when editing both . Ordering samples is the only way we can proof read everything and check the result before placing a large order, and for that aspect I prefer Vistaprint for example because a full pdf version of your design can be downloaded, which makes it quicker and cheaper than doing some back and forth samples order. But overall it’s okay !

Slightly bigger than we originally expected but perfect

Christine Mc Ginley

Great quality, fast delivery.

Camila Santos
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