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Birth Announcements Boys
Square (14.1 x 14.1 cm) - Folded
Turn off foil to select rounded corners.
Turn off rounded corners to select foil.
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Note: Glossy paper can't be selected for cards with rounded corners.

Reviews (2)

Nice card that’s really easy to set and order. Very nice quality.

Aida Walsh

Never seen a customer service like it!! So We printed our Baby Birth Announcement. The website for that is not that great. It could be improved by editing the picture you want to print. We first printed a sample at £2. The cards arrived but the pictures came out darker than we thought. I sent an email to CS and they worked with me, replying within 2 hours every time. So I had to change some picture, cropped them, brighten them. In the process they sent us not only 1 but 3 samples, every times we made changes because our screen didn't show the same as what could be printed. Not only they sent us the sample for free (even if it's £2-3, that is still generous), but in the sample there were at least 10 cards +20 envelopes. So at the end, I had loads of envelopes, and it was great because when you handwriting, you can make mistake! So I'm not sure why they give you that many samples and envelopes but that was very appreciated. We are very happy with our end result! Thanks a lot!

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