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10 Thoughtful Wedding Thank You Card Wording Examples

There’s only one thing left to do after you say “I do” to your new spouse — and it’s to say thank you to your wedding guests! Chances are, you’ve been brainstorming thank you card wording ideas since you opened your wedding gifts. But now that the time has come to write your own wedding thank you cards, you might not know where to start. What is proper thank you card etiquette, anyway?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for all your wedding thank you card needs! Whether you had an intimate wedding with a handful of guests or a wedding day that more resembled the Royal Wedding, Optimalprint makes wedding thank you card wording a total breeze by enabling you to customise and print thank you cards directly from your desktop computer or smartphone app.

Not sure what to write on your cards? Check out these thoughtful wedding thank you card wording examples!

Main Takeaways From This Article:

  • It’s basic wedding thank you card etiquette to send a thank you note to every wedding guest, regardless of whether they gave you a gift.

  • The main elements of wedding thank you card wording are the name(s) of the card recipient(s) and a heartfelt thank you.

  • Popular wedding thank you card wording examples include personalised thank you notes for the wedding party and vendors.

Writing Wedding Thank You Cards: General Etiquette

wedding thank you card etiquette

When it comes to wedding thank you cards, the sooner you can send them out, the better! If you’re not planning to jet off to your honeymoon immediately after your wedding day, you can send your thank you notes as soon as one week after to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Otherwise, aim to send a thank you card to each of your wedding guests within three months of your wedding.

As you craft unique thank you messages for your wedding guests, remember to thank each individual by name. So, even if an aunt or uncle arrived with their spouse and three kids in tow, be sure to thank all five attendees for their presence on your wedding day — even if they didn’t bring a gift! If card recipients did give you and your spouse something, thank the gift giver by name as well.

If you’re unsure how to phrase your wedding thank you card wording, keep in mind that ‘thank you’ is the most important part! Put your ‘thank yous’ front and centre, so guests know exactly what the cards are for. Likewise, remember to specifically name the gift you were given (when applicable) and mention something you love about it, like how you and your spouse plan to use it in the future.

In terms of general wedding thank you card etiquette, don’t forget that a personal touch can go a very long way. Rather than printing all of your wedding thank you cards with the same generic message, create a custom card design that you can supplement with handwritten messages. Handwriting each of your thank you notes demonstrates how much you truly value your guests.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Examples

Most guests attending your big day will come with wedding gifts, whether they’re cash gifts or physical gifts from your wedding registry. However, the sheer amount of money some guests spend on travel, accommodations, and apparel to be present at your wedding can be a present in itself. So, you’ll likely be pivoting between several different thank you card wording ideas for each guest.

Rather than writing one generic thank you message for all your wedding guests, it’s best to group your thank you card recipients into categories, such as ‘wedding party,’ ‘wedding vendors,’ ‘guests who gave a monetary gift,’ and so on, to craft unique messages for each attendee. Consider these ten thoughtful wedding thank you card wording examples as you brainstorm potential wording ideas.

For Those Who Attended Your Wedding

When sending a thank you card to guests who attended your wedding, it’s important to mention how their presence contributed to your wedding day. For instance, maybe they delivered a beautiful speech that surprised both you and your spouse. Remember to be specific to each recipient!

Dear [Guest(s)],

We cannot properly express our overwhelming gratitude for your presence at our wedding ceremony. We greatly appreciate that you made the trip to celebrate our wedding day with us, and we could not have had as much fun on our special day without you by our side. We hope you had as magical of an evening as we did and cannot thank you enough for the moving speech you delivered!

Warm regards,

[Your Name(s)]

For Your Wedding Party

wedding party thank you card

Beyond you and your spouse, your wedding party likely included bridesmaids, groomsmen, a ring bearer, and a flower girl. This core group of guests was likely involved from the engagement party through the planning process until the honeymoon, so they deserve special thank you notes.

Dear [Guest(s)],

Whenever [Spouse’s Name] and I pictured our perfect wedding, you were right there with us. Now that we’ve officially exchanged our vows, we know we made the right decision to include you in our wedding party. Not only did you alleviate all the stress of wedding planning, but you also added an incredible celebratory atmosphere that we could no longer imagine our special day without.

We cannot wait to embark on this next chapter together!

All our love,

[Your Name(s)]

For Your Parents

The parents of the bride and groom often play critical roles during the wedding ceremony, but their responsibilities start far before the wedding day. As you consider wedding thank you card wording examples for your parents, make note of all they’ve done to help you reach this milestone.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thank you so much for all you have done for [Partner’s Name] and I over the years, especially everything you did to make our big day happen! We had the most wonderful day, and we realise it would not have been possible without your love. We feel lucky to call such kind, generous, and supportive parents our own — and are so happy to build our future as one big family.

Love always,

[Your Name(s)]

For Friends and Family Members

After your wedding party and parents, other friends and family members are often first in line to receive wedding thank you cards. As you consider wording ideas for these individuals, remember to mention specific memories you now share from your wedding and refer to every attendee by name.

Dear [Guest(s)],

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! We will always cherish the memories we made together, from [Guest’s Name] expertly catching the bridal bouquet to [Guest’s Name] delivering that breathtaking toast. We hope that as we embark on this new life as a married couple, we will continue to make more memories together. Thank you again!

Our love,

[Your Name(s)]

For People Who You Don't Know Well

Unless you opt for a small wedding, there’s a pretty significant chance that people you don’t know well will attend your wedding. Whether it’s extended family who lives far away or co-workers of your spouse or family, you can keep this message short while still saying thank you for attending.

Dear [Guest(s)],

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to celebrate our special moment! We appreciate your support as we begin our new chapter as husband and wife. Thank you again for joining us on our special day! We hope to see each other again soon.


[Your Name(s)]

For Your Wedding Vendors

It’s no secret that your wedding vendors played a major role in your wedding. Plus, you probably communicated a ton with your vendors and suppliers in the weeks before your event. Now that the moment has passed, sending your vendors a thank you note for all their hard work is always kind.

Dear [Vendors’ Names],

Thank you so much for hosting our beloved guests inside our dream wedding venue! We received so many compliments on the stunning atmosphere, and our guests could not stop talking about the beautiful waterfront view. From your amenities to your fantastic wait staff, we could not have asked for a more wonderful day. Thank you and your team again for bringing our dream wedding to life!

All our thanks,

[Your Name(s)]

For People Who Couldn't Attend but Sent a Gift

While it’s unfortunate, it’s simply unavoidable that some members of your guest list will not be able to attend your wedding. For guests who could not attend but still sent a gift, remember to include their contributions in your thank you notes — but feel free to keep the message short and sweet.

Dear [Guest(s)],

Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift! We missed you on the dance floor, but felt you were there with us in spirit. [Spouse’s Name] and I wish we could have celebrated with you in person, but we hope this token of our appreciation shows just how much you were thought of on our big day. Hopefully we can all get together soon!

Warm regards,

[Your Name(s)]

For Guests Who Bought a Gift From Your Registry

wedding registry thank you card

A gift registry can significantly streamline wedding thank you card wording, especially if your guests buy gifts directly from it. Remember to mention the specific gift from your wedding registry, such as a coffee table or cutlery set, and explain how you will use it in this next chapter of life.

Dear [Guest(s)]

Thank you for celebrating this incredible milestone with us! We loved spending our big day with you and cannot wait to put your generous wedding gift to use. We’ve already planned tons of new recipes for the cookware set and cannot wait to get to work in the kitchen. We would love to have you over soon for drinks and dinner… just as soon as we perfect those recipes, of course!

Thank you,

[Your Name(s)]

For People Who Gave a Monetary Gift

Some people think it’s taboo to mention exact monetary amounts for cash gifts, but we say no way! When thanking guests for a monetary gift, mentioning the exact amount lets the person know you received the money (ideal if money was sent in the post) and allows you to explain how you’ll use it.

Dear [Guest(s)]

Thank you so much for your abundant generosity! Your extremely kind wedding gift of £400 has been an incredible addition to our honeymoon funds. We are now much closer to exploring the hillsides of Positano and indulging in the best food Italy has to offer! Thank you again for your generous wedding gift and for participating in our special day. We are endlessly grateful!

Warm wishes,

[Your Name(s)]

For People Who Shared a Group Gift

Depending on your wedding registry or individual preferences, a group of your closest friends or family might have teamed up to give you something special. As you brainstorm group gift wording ideas, send individual thank you notes to each person, but still give a shout-out to the entire group.

Dear [Guest(s)],

Thank you so much for our espresso machine! [Partner’s Name] and I feel so lucky to have friends who know us so well — and appreciate a good cup of coffee as much as we do! We cannot wait to have you all over for an afternoon brunch. Until then, we’ll be replaying every moment of our special day with you. Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift!


[Your Name(s)]

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custom wedding thank you cards

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